Anonymous » Hi
Brandon Starr » I'm definitely thinking of writing more soon. My trouble is the plot I'm working on has some kinks that are tough to work out.
Pam » Hope u write more, LOVED The History of magic. I just finished it
Pam » I have been spell- bound for many days with the story, The History of Magic . I hope it NEVER ends, But alas I read it is nearing the end. It'll be painful to say good by to it. PLEASE write more
Brandon Starr » Well, the story is finished. I have a few things in the hopper, but nothing I'm ready to write about quite yet....
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Brandon Starr » Still going strong, nearing the end...
Brandon Starr » Note: I actually finished on the third, but uploaded on the fourth. I plan on doing more later May 4.
Brandon Starr » Thanks.
Nilda » "History of Magic" I plan to read "Voice of Cassandra" next.
Brandon Starr » Thanks. Are you referring to "History of Magic" or "Voice of Cassandra?"
Nilda » a wonderful story. it's so great! you ever going to publish it? it would make good money...i'd tell all my friends ^^
Brandon Starr » Actually, click on my name to get to it.
Brandon Starr » New story started today, April 29th: "The Voice of Cassandra." Use calendar below to get to it.
Brandon Starr » I'm working on an idea for a short story. When I've got it hashed out, I'll do the rough draft writing here.
liz » you're welcome...agree with pesky about the ending though, overall great plot!
Brandon Starr » Thanks. Clearly, I'll need to work on Act 3, working on clarity and pace.
Boone » Just finished. I've printed teh last pagees so my wife can finish it tonight. Have to agree with Pesky about the third act. Overall, excellent first draft. Some very intriguiing ideas.
Brandon Starr » Yes. I think I followed the "third act must move quickly rule" a little too closely. That'll be for rewriting...
pesky » nice nice..ended a little..erm abruptly? maybe the ending just wasn't what i expected..entire story feels a little short. do keep writing..
Brandon Starr » liz, I finally spotted and responded to your January 20th comment. Thanks!
Brandon Starr » "The History of Magic" is now done. I'm planning on writing more, possibly including vol. 2 of "HoM."
Brandon Starr » I'm approaching the end of the story. Quite a bit to wrap up/foreshadow for volume two, which I haven't outlined fully yet. Any comments?
jkathleen.message »
pesky » you have three blogs? oooh...
Brandon Starr » Nice to have you here, too, Os. Now, will you stumble onto my third blog?
Oswuari » strange... blog-hopping led me here. coincidence? i think not!
Brandon Starr » I'm back! It feels good to be writing again.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, pesky. I'm feeling better but physically weak today--I think I'll be able to bang something out today. Gotta at least get back in the saddle.
pesky » hey don't force yourself!! you go have a good long rest brandon...
Brandon Starr » Monday--ill, but feeling slightly better. Will force myself to write tomorrow unless I have a relapse.
Brandon Starr » Hi, Lindsey. Welcome.
lindsey morrke » hi my name is lindsey
Brandon Starr » Sunday--still ill.
Brandon Starr » Saturday, February 5--still sick.
Brandon Starr » Friday, February 4--No update today, I'm sick.
Brandon Starr » Hey.
steph_o7 » hey...
aravinthan » 432545w354
Brandon Starr » Thursday, 1/27--due to computer problems and the frustrations trying to get it going again, I won't write until tomorrow.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, liz. It's a weird cold. One of those that make you feel achey and tired. I can't stop writing, though, because I made a promise on this blog! (Plus I'm getting to the good parts...)
liz » get well soon! missed reading yr novel yesterday....was worried that u might've stopped writing really interesting plot! pls don't stop!
Brandon Starr » I'm fighting a cold, which is why I didn't write yesterday. I hope to today.
Brandon Starr » This blog is more to force me to write a semi-polished first draft. If I get to the end and polish it, but don't find any interest in publishing, then maybe I'll put it there.
Brandon Starr » No, but I'll check it out.
Mishe » do you post it on *adds his blogdrive to fav*
Mishe » Hello I read your first chapter and I'd have to say it made me laugh! Very unique intro in what seems to be a brilliantly crafted written piece of writing. Well done!
Brandon Starr » Off and on.
pesky » hahaha..hey you're online?
Brandon Starr » Wow, that's great. It helps me to keep pushing on knowing that you're reading it all and expecting more.
pesky » hey back here again..thanks for dropping by..btw i actually read all the entries in the end in one night hahaha..*continues to read new entries*
Brandon Starr » Please, link away.
pesky » whoa cool story brandon!! love it and couldn't stop reading it. But it's late and I have classes so I'll have to continue tomorrow. Mind if I link you? If yes, I'll take it down k? Just tell me...
Juliet » Not only a political pundit, but quite a talented writer. I'm impressed. I might even be back,
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Brandon Starr » Broad outlining and knowing what has to happen in the story. Plus I wrote a novella this way before for some friends, front to back, so I have confidence I can do it again.
silvi » how do u do it?? what do you do to have always something to write?
silvi » hi
Brandon Starr » FYI: I still plan on writing through the holidays, but some of the entries may be shorter than usual.
Brandon Starr » There's a method to my madness, but I don't want to give it away. I leave it as an "easter egg" for the reader. (Sharp insight, though, Catcher.)
The Catcher » How did you come up with the name Andy Naramore? Just wondering?
Brandon Starr » Thanks, val, Mercede, and silvi!
silvi » congratulation
Mercede Jade »
val »
val »
Brandon Starr » Excellent. Keep us posted!
Jezebel » Well, B, you've inspired me to create a blog to publish the HP fan fic I've been working on for a year. This format is awesome.
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Oswuari.
Oswuari » Wow. Just wow.
Jezebel » This is really good, B.
SareBabe » yup
Brandon Starr » Thanks, Jez. My outlining and prepration are helping in this regard, I think.
Jezebel » The pacing is spot on, Brandon. Not too much, not too little, keeping us wanting more.
Brandon Starr » First part of Chapter Two is up.
J f Z » I'll be looking forward to each installment. Good job!
Brandon Starr » (General comments can go here.)