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Monday, February 21, 2005
"The History of Magic" now done

I've finished volume one of (the semi-polished first draft of) The History of Magic in the 21st Century.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.  It's a bit shorter than I figured it would be (about 54,000 words or so).  Also, while it's generally light in tone and funny in places, it isn't an all-out comedy like I thought it would be.  That's because I wanted to explore some of the ideas and issues too much to constantly undercut them with yuk-yuks.  Such is the process of writing.

Comments have been quite positive, despite it not having been edited in any serious way yet.  I'm glad for that.

I feel some characters and ideas need to be more fully explored; other things are too obscure or too obvious.  That will have to come with rewriting.

But not now.  I need some distance; I also need to rest.

I'm planning on writing more soon, though.  I have the nugget of an idea for what is likely a short story--if I start writing it, it'll be on the "History of Magic" blog.  I guess that's becoming my creative writing blog.

If you want to know when I start writing over there again, I'd suggest going to that blog and signing up for email alerts using the form on the left column.  You can always cancel it later on.

Meanwhile, during the business week I'm still also writing about money matters and keeping the world updated on my real-money portfolio at Adroit Investor.

Plus, of course, I'm still blogging daily at brandonstarr.


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