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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Chapter three: Sekhemib (continued)

     A couple of hours later, Sekhemib was already starting to get a basic grasp on the new language.  He had also had the guard take him around the museum, pointing out different things.  He also found the other guards and put a simple spell on them that would have them lose all track of time, and forget they had seen him.

     One of the most interesting objects to him was an ornate, oversized globe.  Sekhemib stared at it, fascinated.  The guard pointed at the ground, and then at a small irregular marking on the globe.  “Lon-don,” he intoned, overenunciating each sound.  Then he pointed at Sekhemib, turned the globe, and pointed at a corner of a much larger, also oddly-shaped marking.  “Ee-gypt.”

     But it wasn’t so much the words, or the pointing, that helped him understand.  It was all the blue.  Those were oceans.  That strip, such a tiny ribbon on that globe, represented the Nile.  That medium-sized blue oval was the mighty Mediterranean Sea.

     I’m a long, long way from home, Sekhemib thought.  And I’m in trouble.

     He took some newspapers from the guard’s work station, and some books from the souvenir shop.  Then he focused his attention on making sure the guard stayed under his command until the next night.

     Afterward, he went back into his sarcophagus, sliding the top closed above him.

     He had a lot of learning and work to do, and not much time.  The time of sleeping was over.  He had awakened, and it would be centuries before he would sleep again.

     The next night he was armed with a somewhat better grasp of where he was in time and place.  He had discovered that his most recently learned tongue, Latin, was the basis for a good part of this new language, English.

     Sekhemib put up a disguise spell.  Soon the guard came back again, bringing one of the other guards with him.  Sekhemib entranced both of them, then fed, being careful not to take too much, despite the hunger that screamed within him.

     It was time to explore the city.  Shortly after leaving the museum, he had to alter his disguise:  the security guard outfit was drawing too many looks.  Within minutes he had a more effective disguise.

     Soon he would begin exploring the centers of power of this society, and find its weak spots and dark, hidden places where he could safely hide, and pull the strings.


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